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Kono S wo, Mi yo! Update!

"I sincerely apologize!
After reading the thread on /a/, I realized what a scumbag I have been.
My deepest apologizes. I refunded all 300$ that I received so far and will of course continue to scanlate this title as it should be: For free!"

.....is what you were expecting me to say?
Sorry to disappoint you, /a/. I'm just a troll.
15$ for 1 chapter is crazy? Of course I know that... I just needed to add a money element, otherwise you wouldn't have raged. I mean, according to you, /a/, I earn already 4 digits per week, right? Then 15$ is actually pretty cheap!
Well as the attention whore I am, I just couldn't sit back quietly, when /a/ stopped shitraging about watermarks.
You can call it an early April's fool or just killing time, I dun care. At least it seems I got /a/ interested in picking up this title just to spite me :)
I have unorthodox ways, but hey, nobody can deny that they're effective :)
Enjoy another chapter~

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Releases only on IRC.




My own group!

To assure fast and good release of Smash! I started my own group: Black Wing.
Get all the updates and links at http://blackwingscans.blogspot.com/



Shook Up!

Here is the chapter I spoke of:
Shook Up! Chapter 01 brought to you by Twee Quidam Scans!

It's a really nice manga, but again it's only 1 Volume long :(

Enjoy the chapter!

One Project Down!

One of my projects is finished. Guardian Dog came to an end.
This was 4 Volumes long and is my second completed Serie besides Blue.
You can grab the downloads for Guardian Dog here.
Hope you all liked the serie as much as I did/do.

Hopefully I can release this weekend again a chapter for TweeQuidam.
Depends on how fast I get the typesetted version.
Well enjoy your reading.
Over and out



Yeah, all good things end. So does my break...
Starting on monday I have classes again...
Though I'm positive that it won't effect my speed on translations :)
I finished Guardian Dog, so I got a bit more room to spare.
Also for confirmation: iMangaScans will pick up Smash!
Yeah you heard right! We ordered us the tanks for better scans. The shipment is what caused the big gap in releases.
Just stay tuned till we release it!
Also this anime season there are quite a few interesting series.
I would recommend the following:
B Gata H Kei
Arakawa under the bridge
and of course:
K-On Season2!!!!!!!!

These series are a must watch this season, though there are still a lot more that a worth the time. Like Working!!, Senkou no Night Raid or Mayoi Neko Overun.
Mayoi has a tsundere~
I'm also watching the fourth season of Ikkitousen. Well it's just that when I watch a serie I have to watch all it's sequels too... Otherwise there are plenty of other ecchi Anime out there.
And for my last one I go with Hakuouki. I just read Shinsengumi and had to watch it.
While wondering what's with all the bishounen in there, I only got to know later that it origins in a game aimed at girls oO Well whatever, Shinsengumi FOREVER!



2 more releases

First one is chapter 07 of Saikyou:
Chapter 07
Nice speed we are going at, right? :)
Second is Kaitai Chapter 04:
Chapter 04
Raws for 5 are also out, and I finished translatin it. Well it depends now again how fast we can get it proofread. Cleaning will be done some later today too, so I hope everything goes well with proofing.

Look foward to more!